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A man who loves himself is ignorant. A young man and woman who are in love with each other are infatuated. One who loves according to his likes and benefits is a self centered man. A person who loves only his family is a householder. A person who loves the neighbours is a goodman. A man who loves entire society is the best man. A man who loves his disciple and devotees is a great man. A person who loves every living being without differentiation endlessly, without any reason is called as a ‘premavatar'. The quality of granting both material wealth and spiritual progress is prominent in almost all Dattavataras. The loving nature is hidden and works in the background. Any practice or meditation becomes useless if it is not matured into love for god and his creation. Sri Gulab Baba was the manifestation of divine love of Lord Datta. With his ambrosiacal shower of divine love Gulab Baba transformed many men of rugged and unyielding hearts, to be gentle as flowers and made them into abodes of love and temples of divinity.

He was born to Seetharama Nandalal and Taanaimatha, devotees of Vithoba, in the village Takerkheda near the town of Anjanagaon Surji in the state of Maharashtra, as their third child on 1 st July 1932 (Krishna Dwadasi) in the star of Rohini (the star of Sri Krishna). It is natural to a new born baby to cry. But like Gurunanak and Tajuddin Baba, the little Gulab did not cry after his birth. He smiled, hinting that he was an incarnation who came to fill the hearts of everybody with joy. As he was born in a poor family and had lost his parents in childhood itself, the little Gulab faced many hardships.

Gulab baba was endowed with divine playfulness of Sri Krishna and was an embodiment of Lord Datta. But he faced hardships and losses as an ordinary man with courage and patience to set an example for other human beings to emulate. When he was hungry, he worked, however hard it might be to earn his loaf of bread. But after sometime the latent spiritual power began to unfold. The aim of all great men is to inculcate and foster devotion and faith in god among all the people. They constantly strive for the prosperity and well being of the world. Nature in return rewards them with superior powers. Those powers manifest as miracles through these great soul, as naturally as waves occur in the sea and as far as they are required for the accomplishment of their goal.

The little Gulab worked at a milk trader. One day putting an earthen milk pot on his head he was walking on the road, soaked in rain. It was slippery and suddenly he fell along with the pot, which was broken into pieces. The master beat him up badly. The little Gulab was crying in despair and placing the broken pieces on above the other while he sang ‘Gopala! Gopala! Devakinandana Gopala!!' Lo! All the pieces glued together and the pot was made like the original and when he placed it on his head it was filled with milk too! Awe struck and astonished by the incident the trader fell at the feet of little Gulab begging forgiveness. At another time, he was returning from Anjanagaon with a bag of wheat flour on his head, when it began to rain heavily. He came all along the way walking in the rain but neither Gulab nor the bag of flour became wet.

The little Gulab went to Pandari and as per the custom served many Sathgurus namely Namanand, Gadge Baba, Kaikadi Maharaj and others, like Rama and Krishna in the past. He toiled physically, dug pits and carried loads of sand etc. when Kaikadhi Maharaj was building ‘Padmavyuham' at Pandari with the idols of thirty-three crores of deities. He withstood the severe tests of Sathguru Namanand and served him. He played dholak in bhajan group of Gadge Baba. He served Pundareeka Baba of Kartaz for a brief period, during which he toured many villages with him. Gulab explained to the people, the essence of Vedas in the form of songs and discourses. People listened to him with devotion. Once, while Pundareeka Baba was giving discourse the oil in the lamp dried up. The little Gulab poured water and the lam continued to burn. Everybody was astonished.

Later Gulab joined in the house of Patil as a servant in Kundalgaon village near Manmad. One day while Patil was ploughing the field, Gulab placed his leg on the wooden shaft and it turned into gold. Gulab requested him not reveal this to anybody. Patil sold the gold and bought hundred acres of land with sixty thousand rupees. In another instance, Gulab secretly freed the calves which drank the milk from the buffaloes, but when he milked the buffaloes in Patil's presence the buffalo gave seven liters of milk, five liters more than it usually gave. Once a calf which was dead, was brought back to life by the touch of






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